How to Dominate the Buy, Sell, Swap Scene on Social Media

We all love a good Buy, Sell, Swap group! Who doesn’t want a second-hand pair of jeans that you can’t try on? Does anyone actually swap goods, though? It’s a rarity I haven’t had the privilege of seeing.

If you do want to get involved in one of these groups, here are some pointers on how to dominate the scene…

1. Read the group guidelines. Don’t get caught posting something for sale without listing asking price or pick up suburb, you silly sausage! That post will be gone quicker than a housewife can comment “SOLD!” on a second-hand pair of shoes.

2. Get familiar with your acronyms. Admins are far too busy investigating pre-loved goods crime to be explaining what BNWT (Brand New With Tags) or NIL (Next In Line) mean ad nauseam.

3. Take appropriate photos of your goods for sale. Yourself in a g-string next to your “mint condish” handbag is usually deemed unnecessary. If you’re advertising the g-string, just…. don’t.
Whilst your kid is cute and may want to get in the photo, remember that unless you’re happy for the photo to be shared with the entire World Wide Web, just… don’t.

4. Turn push notifications on in your phone settings. The buy, sell, swap world is fast and ruthless. Think you’re the only one who wants to buy a Leo Sayer CD? Think again, amigo. Blink and it’ll be SOLD and NIL’d to more people than you have on your own friends list.

5. Learn to haggle. And by haggle I mean negotiate a price, not offer the equivalent of a button and piece of string for a Nintendo DS. Your comments are public. You don’t want to get a reputation for being a tight wad.

6. Likewise, if you’re selling an item, don’t have unrealistic expectations for the price you can get for it. I’ve been stung before with this one. Suuurely someone is going to want my old bridesmaid dress! It’s worth hundreds of dollars. I’ll sell myself short and take a hundred bucks for it. No takers.
Also, trying to get MORE than what you paid for the item is more suited to a trendy upcycling store at a local market.

7. If you comment ‘SOLD’ on an item, have at least some degree of intention to buy it. We all know that person who uses ‘SOLD’ to reserve anything that catches their eye. Rest-assured, they will promptly be weeded out by the perceptive eyes of other members AKA internet vigilantes.

8. If you agree to buy an item, SHOW UP. ON TIME. Not three hours after the agreed time, or just not at all.

9. When picking up an item from someone’s house, aim to take a bodyguard friend with you. Being part of the same online group doesn’t mean you’re now besties. Who knows whose house you could be lured to with the promise of genuine Ray Ban sunnies for $10? Whilst admin are pretty savvy, they aren’t in fact able to conduct police checks on members of the group.

Last but not least,

10. If you joined the group hoping to earn some extra cash and get rid of some stuff, only to find that you’ve purchased more crap than you’ve sold, promptly back away from the computer/tablet/smartphone.


unsplash-logoMike Petrucci


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